01.05.2019 PHILADELPHY TRIO plays ARKITSA at EVOLUTION WERKSTATT, Rasumofskygasse 10, 1030 Wien
02.02.2019 PHILADELPHY TRIO (Guest: JAMIE SAFT) at Musikschule Kufstein, Tirol
08.02.2019 PHILADELPHY TRIO (Guest: MARTIN EBERLE) at Stockwerk Graz, Steiermark


05.03.2018 GIANT DWARF at Bushwick Public House, Brooklyn, USA
06.03.2018 GIANT DWARF at DTMG, NYC, USA
10.03.2018 GIANT DWARF at Singularity Music Series, Kinston, NY
11.-14.03.2018 Recordingsession with THE MELT at Birdwatchers
16.03.2018 MARTIN PHILADELPHY with JARVIS EARNSHAW Solo/Duo at Flowers for all occassions
09.10.2018 GIANT DWARF at Interpenetration, Graz
09.11.2018 PHILADELPHY TRIO at Stockwerk, Graz


02.02.2017 Giant Dwarf at Interpenetration, Graz
30.03.2017 Carlstedt, Menken, Philadelphy at Scott Harding Recordingsession
31.03.2017 with Ohm Slice at NYC, USA
02.04.2017 Giant Dwarf Trio at Noise Works, Brooklyn, USA
03.04.2017 rec with Jamie And Niki
04.04.2017 Recordingsession with Jamie Saft And Ben Perowsky, New Paltz, NY
06.04.2017 Recordingsession with the Icebergs, Big Indian, NY
07.04.2017 Solo at La Mama
08.04.2017 Giant Dwarf Duo at New Revolution Art, Brooklyn, USA
09.04.2017 Giant Dwarf Trio at DTMG, NYC, USA
10.04.2017 Giant Dwarf at WKRC, NYC, USA
11.04.2017 Carlstedt, Parker, Philadelphy at the Rosevelt, NYC, USA
25.05.2017 Kranzlbinder, Dolp, Philadelphy at VNM, Graz
26.05.2017 MPH Trio at Klanghaus, Kufstein
27.05.2017 mit Tracker at PMK,Innsbruck
15.06.2017 mit Tracker at Fluc, Wien
15.07.2017 Philadelphy-Martinek at Wetterleuchten, Innsbruck
31.07.2017 Solo at Wuk, Wien
08.12.2017 6to6 String Dezibel at Stockwerk, Graz
06.01.2018 Philadelphy-Martinek at Stromboli, Hall
05.03.2018 Giant Dwarf
10.03.2018 Parker
16.03.2018 with Jarvis Earnshaw Solo/Duo at
09.10.2018 Giant Dwarf at Interpenetration, Graz


30.01.2016 Philadelphy/ Osgood at Raj, Klagenfurt
01.02.2016 Philadelphy/ Osgood at Zwe, Wien
02.02.2016 Philadelphy/ Osgood at Blue Tomato, Wien
03.02.2016 Philadelphy/ Osgood at Musikschule Lienz
04.02.2016 Philadelphy/ Osgood at Wakuum, Graz
23.02.2016 Philadelphy/ Dolp at Alte Schmiede, Wien
04.03.2016 Solo at Palais der neuen Kunst, Glückstadt, BRD
09.05.2016 Philadelphy/ Osgood at 5e, Copenhagn, Denmark
10.05.2016 Philadelphy/ Osgood at Jyderup, Denmark
11.05.2016 Philadelphy/ Osgood at Kolding, Denmark
12.05.2016 Philadelphy/ Osgood at Ingolf CBar, Copenhagn, Denmark
14.05.2016 MPH Trio at Mad Club, Bärnbach
16.05.2016 MPH Trio at 5e Copenhagen, Denmark
16.05.2016 Viktor Jones/ Philadelphy at 5e, Copenhagn, Denmark
20.05.2016 MPH Trio at Stromboli, Hall
21.05.2016 MPH Trio at Riedschlössl
24.05.2016 MPH Trio at Fluc, Wien
10.06.2016 Solo at Musikfestival Delach
22.06.2016 Philadelphy/Dunn/ Osgood at Ibeam, NYC, USA
23.06.2016 Recording the Same by S. Harding
25.06.2016 Solo at Three Jewery, NYC, USA
25.06.2016 Solo at Say yes Collective, Brooklyn, USA
26.06.2016 Giant Dwarf at Nublu, NYC, USA
27.06.2016 Giant Dwarf at Ortlieb“s, Philadelphia, USA
29.06.2016 Giant Dwarf at the Glove, NYC, USA
30.06.2016 Recordingsession mit Parker Carlstedt
22.07.2016 MPH at Wuk Platzkonzert , Wien
27.07.2016 Dolezal, Ritter, Philadelphy at Wuk, Wien
19.09.2016 MPH Trio at Radiokulturhauscafe, Wien
06.10.2016 mit New Zion Trio at Musikschule, Kufstein
09.10.2016 MPH Trio at ZMV14, Wien
24.10.2016 USB at 5e, Copenhagn, Denmark
25.10.2016 USB at Jyderup, Denmark
05.11.2016 Solo at Mocca, Wien
15.11.2016 MPH Trio at Raj, Klagenfurt
16.11.2016 MPH Trio at Spielboden, Dornbirn
25.11.2016 VNM Festival, Graz


04.01.15 Solo at Schilcherhof
30.01.15 Elektro Farmer at Erdball
07.02.15 Elektro Farmer at Moe
10.02.15 USB at Alte Schmiede
11.02.15 USB at Stockwerk
13.02.15 USB at Raj
22.03.15 Mph/Osgood at DMG
23.03.15 Mph/Abbs/Osgood Rec.Ses.
26.03.15 Mph/Osgood at Ibeam
28.03.15 Mph/Saft/Osgood Rec.
16.04.15 Mph/Osgood Dk
17.04.15 Mph/Osgood Dk
18.04.15 Mph/Osgood Dk
19.04.15 Mph/Osgood Dk
20.04.15 Mph/Osgood at Stockholm
21.04.15 Mph/Osgood at Stockholm
22.04.15 Mph/Osgood at Oslo
27.04.15 Mph/Osgood at Porgy
22.05.15 VNMband Festival, Graz
23.05.15 VNMband somewhere
24.05.15 VNMband Festival, Graz


09.01.14 Mph/ Osgood at Porgy
10.01.14 Mph/ Osgood at Stockwerk
04.03.14 mit Le croy at Nyc
09.03.14 Mph/ Osgood at DMG
09.03.14 USB at poisson Rouge
10.03.14 Solo at Blue Monday
14.06.14 Elektro Farmer at Osttirol
03.07.14 USB at Stockwerk
12.07.14 Mph/ Osgood at copenhagn
13.07.14 Mph/ Osgood at copenhagn
08.08.14 Solo at Wuk, Platzkonzert
09.08.14 Solo at Central Garden
31.08.14 Elektro Farmer at Volkst.fest
15.09.14 Solo at Bäckerei


04.01.13 Puzzle Works at Porgy
05.01.13 Mit Kresten at Huset, Kopenhagen
18.01.13 Puzzle Works at Stockwerk
18.03.13 MDH at Moe
19.03.13 MDH at Raj
21.03.13 MDH at Stromboli
23.03.13 MDH at Aldrans Hippie Party
26.03.13 MDH at Barcelona, Tba
27.03.13 MDH at Vitoria, Tba
28.03.13 MDH at Urretxu, Gaztetxe
29.03.13 MDH at Lisbon, Bartô
30.03.13 MDH at Porto, O meu mercedes é maior que o teu
31.03.13 Solo at Porto, Sonoscopie
03.04.13 Solo at Bäckerei ibk
05.04.13 p2m at Innkeller
06.04.13 Solo at Inzing
07.04.13 mit VNM Orchester at Graz
01.05.13 Solo at Blue Monday, Nyc
02.05.13 mit Costa at ACF, Nyc
31.05.13 Puzzle Works at Rote Bar
15.06.13 Solo at PMK, Innsbruck
12.07.13 mit Osgood at Copenhagn Jazzfestival
13.07.13 mit Osgood Band at Copenhagn Jazzfestival
26.11.13 MDH at Huset, Kopenhagen
05.12.13 Solo at Vienna Soulfood


13.01.12 Solo at Innkeller
18.01.12 Badminton at Treibhaus
28.01.12 Solo at Amann Studios
29.03.12 MDH at Porto
30.03.12 MDH at Aveiro
01.04.12 MDH at Porto
19.04.12 Jury bei Harti
20.04.12 monkey Night at Rote Bar
27.04.12 Trensch at Lienz
30.04.12 Trensch at Alte Schmiede
21.05.12 Solo, at la mama, Nyc
27.05.12 Puzzle Works at DMG, Nyc
28.05.12 Solo at Steinhof, Nyc
29.05.12 Giant Dwarf at ibeam, Nyc
31.05.12 Giant Dwarf at Stone, Nyc
24.08.12 Philadelphy at Saalfelden
06.11.12 Puzzle W. at Alte Schmiede
09.11.12 mit Martinek at PMK
10.11.12 Puzzle W. at Raj
13.11.12 MDH at Janka Studio
22.12.12 Weihnachtsgig at Stockwerk